Hi and welcome to my blog! If you were like me starting out this
building a business through blogging can be a bit overwhelming.

But I’m here to help simplify things and to tell you things will get
better if you just hang in there and don’t quit.

Woo! Did I want to quit plenty of times and throw in the towel, but I
just kept telling myself you can do this those guys aren’t any smarter
than you. Guess what I was right!

It just takes a bit of persistence, a little bit of know how and a
desire to keep learning new things. Before you know it you’re building
a business.

Understand I’m nobody’s guru just and average joe who loves blogging
and affiliate marketing.

I’ve sold vacuum cleaners, work security, been a janitor, sold
insurance, etc. What I did learn through all of that is, 9 to 5 is not
for me.

Just so you know I didn’t start out in blogging/affiliate marketing. I
started out in MLM. Talking about going broke fast! But my skull is a
little bit thick so I tried a few of them and failed miserably at all
of them.

What’s that saying, “doing the same thing and expecting a different
result is the definition of insanity.” I believe I was a bit insane
back then, lol!

Some years ago, I came across blogging/affiliate marketing and fell
into a love/hate relationship with it. Lo and behold to this day I
still feel the same way about it, but I wouldn’t want to do anything

Like I said before, you’ve got to be willing to keep on learning. I don’t
know it all so I decided to check out this guy over the pond, JT. Tell
you more about him later if you stick around.

I’ve decided to check out his tutelage to learn some new things in
this business. So, I’m building a new website/blogging/affiliate
marketing business from scratch.

I hope you’ll come along on this journey with me and watch as I grow
this seedling into a mighty oak! Along the way you might just learn a
thing or two.

If you think you might want to come on this journey with me check this

Well, I’ve been talking long enough it’s time to get busy. See you

Eric Huntley