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How can you build a successful online business? Why would you even
want too. What would make you do the work that it takes to build one.
I’ll tell you why.

In these times of high unemployment and unstable economy being an
entrepreneur just makes sense. If you’re working for a temp agency or
corporation your job is not guaranteed you could be out of a job when
you least expect it. Most corporations are downsizing and laying off
people in droves.

Becoming a entrepreneur puts you in control of your future and takes
it out of the hands of the corporate world. As an employee you are at
the mercy of the corporation. How much money you can make is fixed,
how long you have to work is fixed, how long you can take a break is
fixed, when you can take a vacation an how long is fixed, and it goes
on and on.

So why wouldn’t you want to take control of your own destiny. Why
wouldn’t you want the freedom for yourself and your family. You would
no longer be shackled to a 9 to 5 now your time is your own.

But even with all the great benefits of building your own business
there are those who still want to fight rush hour traffic. Though they
hate sitting in their cars trudging along like snails on the
interstate they just won’t do what it takes to break free. You know
why, fear!

 What Keeps Most People From Becoming An Entrepreneur, FEAR?

What Keeps Most People From Becoming An Entrepreneur, FEAR?

We have been raised by meaning well parents to not do this or not do
that. This could happen to you or that could happen to you. That can
create a child crippled by fear who grows into an adult still crippled
by fear.

Most will not do what it takes to win. That’s what separates the
champions from the losers. You can’t just be willing to stick your toe
in the water you must be willing to jump in. If you’re willing to act
it is easy to get rid of fear. Action overcomes fear.

Furthermore, what most people think is fear is not fear at all. Real
fear is a physical impulse for self-preservation. Like being chased by
a big grizzly bear knowing that if you don’t get away from him you
might get eaten now that’s real fear.

Everything else is really just worry. Worrying about stuff that will
never happen. Your real enemies are doubt, delay and division.

  • Doubt: You just flat out don’t believe in yourself. The opposite of doubt is
    Faith. Have faith in yourself.
  • Delay: Nothing hurts people more than procrastination. It will never be the
    right time NOW is the right time. The opposite of delay is Action. You
    must act.
  • Division: You feel divided from people. You say no one understands you. You need
    help but you won’t ask for help and you are the one who needs help the
    most. The opposite of division is Unity. In your uniqueness we are all

What Are The Benefits of Becoming a Entrepreneur?

What Are The Benefits of Becoming a Entrepreneur?

* You’re the boss

* Create your own destiny

* Work with the people you want to work with

* Make your own schedule

* You are viewed as a leader

* Better relationships

* More respect

Being an entrepreneur opens up possibilities you’ve only dreamed of.
You can visit that country you been dreaming of; you can have that car
you been dreaming of; you can have that house you have been dreaming
of, but most of all you can help your family and others get to a place
they never thought possible.

Helping others will be one of the most rewarding things you do as an
entrepreneur. All most people need is a helping hand and someone to
believe in them. Being able to help someone believe in themselves and
watch them develop and go to another level is fulfilling.

Why Most Fail at Being an Entrepreneur?

Why Most Fail at Being an Entrepreneur?

Just because you have started a business doesn’t make you an
entrepreneur. Sadly, most bring a JOB mindset into their business. It
doesn’t work. You must think on another level.

Also, you have to be willing too take risks. According to The Intern
Group to be a successful entrepreneur you have to hold on to passion,
stay focused and be ready to take risks.

Unfortunately, you will never be successful if you are afraid to take
risks. Taking risks are absolutely necessary in order to become a
successful business owner.

To be an entrepreneur takes self-motivation and discipline. You must
have a willingness to learn to become a student of success. Self-
improvement and mindset elevation are ongoing it never stops.

You must learn the fundamentals of business ownership and daily
grinding it out. Your must persevere and continually push forward
through all the NOs, OBSTACLES, SET BACKS and LET DOWNS on your way
from being an AMATEUR to becoming a PROFESSIONAL. That my friend is
what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

But through all the pain and heartache if you can survive you will be
VICTORIOUS. In that place is freedom, the good life, innovation,
financial independence, happiness, and whatever else you can add etc.

I Don’t Deserve Be Happy

I Don’t Deserve Be Happy

Yes, you do! But sadly, a lot of people feel this way. They get so
wrapped up in their day to day drama (which most bring upon
themselves) feel there is no way they will ever be happy.

They’re looking for someone or something to make them happy. According
to BetterHelp
true happiness comes from within it is a choice. Change your thought

Believe that you can live the life you have always wanted, but are you
willing to do the work to get it? Do you have a vision for your life?
Can you see the good life get excited about it?

Moreover, believe in you. Believe in your abilities. Trust that you
can learn what you need to excel. You have it within just believe it.

Life is indeed what you make it. Have fun chasing your dreams and
laugh out loud. Enjoy this thing called life.

Be patient stress from hurry means you’re not enjoying your life. From
time to time just take a step back from the craziness and appreciate
what you have.

Respect and love other people. Be tolerant of the differences in
others. We are all trying to get somewhere in this life honor those
who are on their journey though it may be different from yours.

You deserve to be happy; you deserve to reach your fullest potential.
You deserve to reach the highest levels of success. But in going after
success you will struggle; it will take work and you must stay

In summing up one of the best things you could ever do is wanting to
be a entrepreneur. To contribute to the world around you. To help
someone along the way go to another level in life is rewarding.

This is your day. This is your time. This is your moment. Dream,
Believe, Be Bold and Never Give Up.

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