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It should be very obvious to you that the rich are different from us.
They don’t talk like us and they especially don’t think like us.

Though they have a lot more money they also have a lot more worries.
So, before you rush off trying to be rich here are some disadvantages
to being rich:

  • You’ll hear from long-lost relatives asking for money.
  • You’ll have to get all dressed up to go to the opera.
  • You won’t be able to get away with giving a charity $10.
  • You get bombarded with new business startup ideas.
  • Political candidates will want to get to know you.

After all, do you really want to be rich? You do? Great! But before
you can feel right at home being rich you first have to learn how to
think like the rich before you can be rich and live rich.

Don’t Hold Yourself Back

1. Don’t Hold Yourself Back

Do you think you’ll ever live on easy street if you keep holding
yourself back? See it’s not what you think that holds you back it’s
what you think you are not.

And as a person thinks that’s the person. If you think you’re broke
you’re going to be broke. Your thoughts become a self-fulfilling

What we see and what we hear are small things compared to what we
think. What we think interprets what we see and hear.

The thinking of the mind changes only when we conceive of what we
believe and accept what we hear.

Nothing and I mean nothing will change for you until your mind
changes. You cannot always control circumstances, but you can always
control your thoughts.

If you had all the confidence in the world, how would you be? You
would let nothing hold you back. You would start that new business.

You would ask out the woman of your dreams. Visit a far away country.
Bet on the stock market, etc.

When You Think Different You Become Different

2. When You Think Different You Become Different

Most people in their right mind want more. Because you can’t help at
times wondering if you couldn’t be doing better.

The first step to being rich is believing you deserve it. But belief
doesn’t guarantee conviction. You don’t change until conviction takes

How many times have you agreed with something, but didn’t do it? You
can’t be wishy-washy about your belief. You must have a rock-solid
unshakable assuredness that what you believe is possible.

Most believe the way they have been conditioned. They’ve decided that
the way it is outside is the way they are inside. They’ve allowed the
atmosphere to create their attitude.

They’ve accepted their external conditioning as their internal
destiny. I can tell you all day that you were born to do great things
and you can.

But information doesn’t bring transformation conversion does. You must
go through a process of change. Your mind must be converted.

There must be a change of belief of where you are now to a stronger
belief of where you can be.

Your mind must be reconstructed into new ways of thinking. This is not
easy, but it is possible.

Change your mind and change your life.

Risks Are Absolutely Necessary In Order To Become Rich

3. Risks Are Absolutely Necessary In Order To Become Rich

Accumulating large sums of money without taking risks is a fantasy fed
to the faint of heart. All the high performers the super successful
take risks.

You heard the old adage, “Nothing ventured nothing gained.” Until
you’re ready to step and take a chance you’ll remain the same.

Anybody who’s not taking risks in business in not making real money.
There is no super success without risks.

You have to give up something to get something. Ask yourself, what are
willing to give up to get what you want.

There is no get-rich-quick. Get rich quick implies get rich easy. And
if you think you can get rich easy in today’s world, you’re either
about to murder your rich uncle or you just hit the lottery.

If you don’t take risks in growing your business it begins to wither.

Discipline Equals Freedom

4. Discipline Equals Freedom

One thing about the super rich is that their very disciplined. When
they have a plan, they stick to it and accomplish it.

The rich have morning routines that gets their days started off in a
positive way. Their days start when most are in the bed sound asleep.

Most of the filthy rich sleep only 3 to 5 hours a day tops. Their days
are intentional. They know exactly how their day will be spent.

The rich have a Money Vision. They already know the amount of money
that will accumulate in the year. The rich know how to invest and they
know how to use other people’s money.

Because the rich are so disciplined, they enjoy much more freedom than
the average person. Discipline doesn’t limit your life it expands your

The rich minds are steered toward abundance while the masses minds are
steered toward scarcity. They understand abundance comes through

You Must Sell, Sell, Sell and Sell Some More

5. You Must Sell, Sell, Sell and Sell Some More

The #1 skill you must have like the filthy rich. Being able to produce
revenue. Those who have this skill are always in great demand.

Let’s face it repeated profitable sales are the life blood of any
business. The oxygen. Without them any business will die.

The super rich view their time as a valuable asset and will not let
you waste it. You won’t find them on posting on social media, doing
Facebook live streams or any other low-level activity.

Many of the super rich don’t even use email or own a mobile phone. You
won’t find computers in their homes. And some go off the grid for
weeks at a time.

Yet their able to build massive fortunes. Because the more successful
you get it’s what you say ‘NO’ to that makes the difference.

How much more can you delegate so you con concentrate on your #1 skill
only, earning revenue. They don’t spend time on menial tasks.

If you find yourself hitting refresh on your email every 15 minutes,
surfing on the web for hours or spending a lot of time surfing social
media sites. How are you going to be able to build a $100,000 a year
business let alone 7 figures?

The reason most businesses never take off is because they are obsessed
with the little activities. The little activities are going to keep
you busy but don’t make you any money. Or even worse they lose you

Being busy is not the same as being productive. As the owner of your
business you need to move from doing everyday work to producing
revenue for your business and steering the ship.

As the owner, your number one responsibility is to sell. Selling is
not something you do on the side. You can’t outsource that.

You Must Sell, Sell, Sell and Sell Some More


If you truly want to be rich there is no magic formula that will take
you from rag to riches but good old-fashioned hard work. You have to
take on the mindset of the rich.

You start to think different and you will be different. Believe and
pursue with the pedal to the metal. Consistency will go a long way.

Spend most your time doing the activity that counts selling. Because
if you spend your time doing the little things, you’ll be busy working
in your business in a reactive state.

You’ll never get time to really work on your business and that would
be a fatal mistake. Your life is full of distractions I know your life
is full of distractions, but must cut through the noise and Focus on
the critical task.

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