In the world of online marketing having a blog site that draws traffic
is no easy task. And most online marketers starting out don’t have
tons of cash at their disposal for traffic campaigns.

So, what is a new online marketer to do when looking to rank in the
search engines? There are still powerful proven traffic techniques
still available to get traffic to your blog site.

Though these traffic techniques make take a little time to build
momentum, but once built you will have a steady flow of traffic to
your blog site.

Let us take a look at some of these traffic techniques.

Increase Your Free Traffic Using Your Blog

Increase Your Free Traffic Using Your Blog

If you are looking for a way to increase your free traffic to your
site, consider using your blog. Your blog could be a powerful tool
that you are under utilizing.

SEO remains king when it comes to organic search traffic. Your niche
will have some popular search terms within it. The more of those you
include in your blog the more organic the leads to your blog will be.
However, if you include too much text on the main page of your blog,
it can be more harmful than good.

Use your blog to write about your niche. It doesn’t matter what the
niche is, make sure to find out what keywords and keyword phrases are
trending in that industry or niche, and then make sure that they are
included in your blog posts.
You will want to make sure that your blog has a link back to your
website that is highly visible. The blog is going to help to increase
the visibility of your website and the amount of traffic that your
website gets.

Blogs are a form of social marketing. They are often far less formal
than your site and share information about your niche whether that is
the postings of an expert, opinions about a product, service,
information about products or just about anything else that is
relevant to your niche. It allows visitors to leave comments and to
share your blog posts through other social media channels.

That means you need to give your blog the correct attention.
Everything you post should be of quality and it should engage the
reader. Doing so means your visitors will return and they will want to
share your blog with others that they know. In turn, the number of
people that jump from your blog to your website should also increase.

Your blog is an excellent gateway for you to enjoy an increase in
traffic on your site, so why not put it to work today?

Increase Your Free Traffic with Optimized Articles

Increase Your Free Traffic with Optimized Articles

If you want to increase your free traffic take advantage of optimized
articles. There are three key ingredients to a successful web
page/article being optimized:

1. Your meta title

2. Your description

3. Your keywords

This is very simple to fill out and follow when you publish content on
your site so take the time to do so. It will help you to begin to rank
better and faster with your keywords.

Are you still unsure of what’s needed from you? Read on.

A page title is one of the key factors for page ranking and should be
given the care and attention it deserves. Your page title tags show up
in SERPs or Search Engine Result Pages. Google and other search
engines use the title tag as their search results title for that page.

Ever page on your site should have its own unique title tag. It should
start with a relevant keyword whenever possible. Don’t put your
company name in the title tag. The keywords in your title should be in
your page and visa versa.

Let’s look at an example. If your keyword is blue jeans your title
could be “Blue jeans at discounted prices” and your first paragraph of
your content could start with something like, “Blue jeans are
comfortable and rugged and now you can buy them at discounted prices.”

Try to avoid stop words, which are words that break up your keywords.
For example, blue discount jeans. Discount would be a stop word.

In your meta description you need to provide a short and concise
summary of what your site content is. Search engines often display the
meta description with your title in the search result pages. Your
keyword should also be included here.

You’ll have one or more keywords, but you should have one primary
keyword and the rest will be secondary. You will use the primary
keyword in your title and description.

There it is – optimized articles or content can help to increase free
traffic to your site.

 Increase Your Traffic With Great Content

Increase Your Traffic With Great Content

When it comes to increasing organic search, content marketing through
blogging or guest posts is the fastest way to build great traffic.
However, content marketing is a quality game and not a quantity game.

If you have horrible content, people won’t bother reading it or
sharing it, which is basically the entire point of building a company
blog. Therefore, when I write content, I constantly ask myself if I
would take ten minutes out of my day to read it and if I’d share it
with others. If you wouldn’t do either of those things, then you
really need to look at your content strategy again.

Search engines are rewarding people and companies who are getting
high-quality, consistent content coming from them. Things such as
author rank are going to have a big effect on organic search results.

Put a plan in place to not only create content to publish online, but
also to be able to maximize the value of the content so that it is
properly distributed across social channels and has a chance to go

Write articles rich in content. Quality articles will get ranked
better in search results. Make sure that your articles address the
needs of your readers, and that they can find all the information they
need in one spot.

This is the most effective means for increasing traffic to a website;
offering people something that they cannot obtain elsewhere, or at
least, not to the level of quality that you are offering it.

Whatever you do, don’t use content generators. While once a popular
choice by a new web industry, today they are not considered useful. It
is much better to put creativity to work.

Content generated articles will be shunned by Google and other search
engines and visitors will be disappointed with the content they find,
which means they’ll leave your site. Good content will increase your
visitors and that will increase your traffic flow.

Never make the mistake of copying and pasting from another site. The
search engines are too smart and will know that’s what you did. You
will be penalized for it and that is going to result in a decrease in

Your content is key – What an easy way to increase your free traffic.

Increase Your Free Traffic Using SEO

Increase Your Free Traffic Using SEO

If you want to increase free traffic to your website, you need to take
advantage of SEO – it’s no game, SEO is serious stuff when it comes to
doing it right and ensuring you enjoy the benefits of increased
traffic flow.

You need to create content that your readers want to read – content
that has value. In that content you need to make sure that it is
search engine optimized. We don’t mean stuffing keywords, but making
sure your keywords are used in a natural flow at a rate of about 2% in
your content.

Any links you place in your content should be from trusted sites. Even
as a new website, there are natural links you can still obtain that
are legitimate and recognized by Google and other search engines as

Don’t make the mistake of choosing links that are questionable just so
that you have links in your content. You are better off to not have
links than you are to have poor links.

When you add images make sure that you fill in the image attributes.
Pictures do more than dress up the page. The details like caption,
title, description and alternate text are important to the search
engine. Don’t keyword cram but to make sure your keyword(s) are
included in your image attributes.

Remember some people will search using Google image search rather than
text search and if your image(s) are highly visible you are likely to
bring more traffic to your site through this resource.

Diversify your internal anchor links is also important. These are the
links on your page that the search engines will find when they crawl
your site.

Finally, make sure your pages have at least 300 words minimum, use
fonts that are easy to read and headlines to help divide your page and
make it easier to read.

Yet I would not make low worded posts a habit. Google is now rewarding
sites with 1200 -3000 worded posts. More on the higher end than the
lower end.

Google will deem good content search worthy and proper use of SEO will
help you to place higher in the search engines. Good content with good
SEO equals increased traffic to your site.

Increase Your Site Traffic With Ethical Link Building

Increase Your Site Traffic With Ethical Link Building

Are you looking to increase your site traffic? Would you like to do it
for free? If you answered yes, you aren’t alone. That’s what most of
us are trying to do. The key is to increase your traffic ethically,
and you can do this with ethical link building.

Link building is very important for your site. This is the process
where you create links that point to your page from someone else’s
page. This happens naturally as quality content is created, but there
are also things you can do to build links.

You can trade links with other sites that are directly related to your
website’s subject matter to bring more traffic to your site. For
example, let’s say you sell oranges on your site, then you could look
to link with other sites that sell oranges or related products like
orange juice, orange salad, etc.

You can build two-way links that include the other site providing you
with a link while you provide them with a link. You should never link
to sites that are inferior or low quality as this will threaten your
own ranking in the search engines.

You can link back on forums and blogs that are related to your site.
Find communities that are in your niche market, create a user profile,
enter your site information and then start to make quality posts. This
will bring you free traffic to your site.

You should also directly contact other sites that are related to your
niche. If you can get these companies to link to your website through
a blog post or how to article it will significantly increase your free
traffic to your site.

Finally, take the time to create an RSS feed, which will allow your
articles to easily link to a number of different places. Submit the
RSS feed to numerous related directories and give your traffic a
direct boost.

Linking is a powerful tool that when used ethically can increase your
traffic and your placement in the search engines.

In conclusion: You can see were each of these powerful proven traffic
techniques are viable in their own right, but used together can
increase traffic to your blog site exponentially.

So, in time when able using paid traffic campaigns will only enhance
what is already happening at your blog site.

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