When it, comes to keyword research tools no two are alike. Some are
crap, some are good, some are very good and one is excellent. So, what
is the best keyword research tool, for free?

It is none other than Jaaxy the keyword research tool I referred to as
excellent. Why do I claim that Jaaxy is excellent? Because more of the
posts I have written within the past three months have been indexed on
the 1st page of Google, Bing and Yahoo than any others I have written
over the past 5 years.

Another reason why I tout Jaaxy as being the best tool for keyword
research is, because it was created for affiliate marketers by
affiliate marketers. Who else would know what an affiliate marketer or blogger
really needs other than affiliate marketers who have been in the
business for over 15 years?

How Does Jaaxy Work?

As an blog marketer you must be always trying to get your target
audience to your website from using relevant keywords they may be
searching for.

Thus, if your target audience is looking for a keyword research tool
more than likely they’ll want to find a free one. So, what you could
do would be to go the Google search engine and type in “keyword
research tool for free.”

Then when we look at the results from Google we have:

keyword research tool for free
keyword search tool for free
keyword research tool for seo free
best keyword research tool for free
keyword research tool for free online
keyword research tool free google
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These are the words that people are searching for in Google pertaining
to keyword research tools. Now you can take one of these keyword
phrases and go write an article on it, but that wouldn’t be too smart.

You don’t know how many websites out there are competing for that same
phrase. You could end up on page 2 or 200. The goal is to be found on
page 1.

And how do we do that? This is where Jaaxy comes in. Let’s take the
phrase “best keyword research tool for free.” Let’s head over to Jaaxy
put in the phrase and see what results we get.
he screen shot is only showing 9 results but Jaaxy gave 20 results on
this keyword phrase. To better understand the power of Jaaxy let me
give you the meaning of the keyword headings.

What Is The Best Free Keyword Research Tool

Keyword: A phrase the users type into search engines to find what they
are looking for.
Avg: The average number of searches that the keyword receives per
Traffic: Visits to your website if you achieve first page rankings in the
Search Engines.
QSR: Quoted Search Results – The number of competing websites ranked
in Google for this exact keyword.
KQI: Keyword Quality Indicator – Green is great, Yellow is okay, and
Red is poor.
SEO: A score based on traffic & competition, the higher the score, the
more likely you will rank for this keyword on the first page (scale
1-100, higher = better).
Domains: Availability of domains related to that keyword.
Related: Keywords that are related to your target keyword.
Brainstorm: A list of keywords to help you brainstorm (Pro &
Enterprise levels).

Since you now know what the headings mean let’s look at the results.
Granted there is only an average of 24 searches per month for your
keyword phrase and you would only receive 5 visits per month to your

But the competing websites for your keyword phrase is only 21 which is
great. Anything in the QSR 100 and below is good. And Your SEO is 95
out of 100 which makes it a real good possibility you would be found
on the 1st page of the search engines.

Also understand that when you are writing an article using this
keyword phrase, you’ll more than likely be ranked for other keywords
within your post.

Incidentally another great thing about Jaaxy is that you can save all
the other good phrases you have found to a list. Which can keep you in
keywords to write articles with for months to come.

Why Should I Buy Keyword Tools?

Why Should I Buy Keyword Tools?

When it comes to Jaaxy you don’t have to if you don’t want too. You
can use Jaaxy for FREE. Go ahead and try it right now.

In fact, if you where a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate you could
continue to use Jaaxy for FREE and with a lot more bells & whistles.

With this in mind Wealthy Affiliate is a affiliate marketers dream.
The value you receive as a member of WA is unapparelled in the

As a premium member for $19 1st month/$49 month you get 50 websites &
hosting for free, Jaaxy Lite for free, step by step training in every
aspect of the affiliate marketing business, live interactive training
every week, 24hr support, access to a huge library of video lessons,
access to a huge community of affiliate marketers who will avail
themselves to help you succeed free of charge and more.

The benefits you receive from being a premium member of Wealthy
Affiliate greatly out weighs the measly sum per month of $49.

jaaxy keyword tool

Check Your Website Ranking With Jaaxy

Knowing where your website ranks and the keywords in which you’re
ranking within the search engines is of upmost importance to the
affiliate marketer.

In order to keep track of your positioning within the search engines
you don’t have to go out and get another tool all you have to do is
use siteRank in Jaaxy.

Say you wanted to know how you rank in the Big 3 (Google-Bing-Yahoo).
I’ll use my website as an example. I’ll go to siteRank on Jaaxy and I
will type in the name of my site Eric Huntley’s Blog and on the
other side of the bar I type in my website address:

If you notice when I put the apostrophe in Huntley’s  my site ranks
2nd on the 1st page of Google. But that is okay my new YouTube channel
for my website is in the #1 spot. I’d appreciate it if you would
“Like” & “Subscribe” to Eric Huntley’s Blog on YouTube.

But if I take out the apostrophe in Huntleys you notice that I am #1
on Google, Bing and Yahoo. And my YouTube channel is now in the #2
position on Google. That is the power of Jaaxy!

jaaxy keyword tool

You will be able to find where your articles rank and for what
keywords etc. The Jaaxy keyword research tool is invaluable to the
blog or affiliate marketer.

In summing up what is the best keyword research tool for free? It’s
Jaaxy. It was made for affiliate marketers by affiliate marketers.

It is a must have tool for your tool box if you plan on being
successful online. Not having it would be like a ship without a

You will never rank within the search engines without a keyword
research tool. Without knowing the relevant keywords that your target
audience is searching for how can you hope to succeed.

Give Jaaxy a try, all you can do is improve in your search engine

To your search engine rankings success.



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