Now that you’ve picked your niche, whatever that may be it’s time to
find a domain name and hosting for your website.

You’re probably wondering how do I go about picking a domain name?
It’s quite simple actually but most bloggers have a tendency to
complicate things.

First what is your niche about? Say it’s about horse grooming. So,
what you would want to do is pick a cool name about horse grooming.

Something possibly catchy and easy to remember. Say, something like
“horse mane brushing” don’t get carried away like some bloggers do.

They make the name to long like this “excellent horse mane brushing
tips and tricks” its way to long but it could make a great tag line
for the site.

Try not to go over three words in your domain name and two is even
better. Remember, you want them to remember you so they’ll come back
to your website when they’re thinking about horse grooming.

Actually “horse grooming” would be better if it’s not taken, we’ll
come to that in a minute. But first lets look at the aesthetics of a
domain name.

Once you have your domain name you want it to end in [.com]. The
[.com] is first an foremost in a long list of domain name extensions.

Most people will perceive the [.com] to be more trust worthy and it’s
more memorable. You don’t have to take my word for it just ask who did an in-depth study on the subject.

Besides anything other than [.com] just seems like a loser in the
race. Because everything else comes second fiddle to it. Go [.com]!

Let me just give you a little preview of different types of domain

• .com
• .co
• .net
• .biz
• .gov
• .org
• .us
• .blog
• .info
• .io
• .jobs
• .name
• .tv
• .me
• .live
• .world
• .life
• .shop
• .store
• .club
• .online

Are you starting to get the picture, crazy ! You want [.com] it’s #1,
the king, the big kahuna.

Once before I knew any better, I gave one of my sites the extension
[.biz] thinking it’s a biz fitting extension, WRONG! But what’s done
is done I can’t go back so choose wisely.

So how do you find your domain name? You have to go to a domain
register. And while your there you might as well get web hosting.

Hosting is like the land and the house your going to build on it and
your domain is the name of your house. I see these crazy promos saying
you don’t need a website, while their telling you that on a website,

Don’t fall for the hoopla if you’re wanting to build a business you
can scale you need a…what you call them things, oh yeah, a website.

When you go to most companies, they will have a domain name register
available for you to look up your domain name. Right away you will
know if [.com] is available or not.

You may have to make a minor adjustment to get a .[com] extension.
Take the name of my website here. When I put erichuntley into the
domain register everything under the sun came up, but [.com].

So, I made a minor adjustment with a dash, eric-huntley and I got the
[.com] extension for my domain name. You may have to play around with
it a little bit but it will be worth it to get the [.com] extension
for your website.

Back to hosting. All hosting companies are not the same. Remember the
hosting company you choose will be the prime real-estate where your
domain will be housed.

I’ve used go-daddy, siteground, hostgator (which was my favorite)
until John Thornhill introduced me to D9 Hosting. To me these guys are
the best!

They give you way more for your money. One thing I really like about
them is that they let you transfer any other site or sites you may
have to them for FREE!

D9 Hosting

Also, with D9 Max you get unlimited disk usage and bandwidth, no
matter how many websites you have hosting with them. That’s huge
because your able to grow your company as big as you want.

Ideally it would be nice to be able to build your company without
investing any money, but that’s not realistic. Besides buying a domain
name and getting website hosting won’t break the bank.

Normally most domain names can run you $10.99 to $16.99. Anything
cheaper probably running a special for the 1st month. You get what you
pay for.

Most hosting sites will run in the neighborhood of $12.99 to $19.99 a
month. And if you pay a year or two up front you can save yourself
some coin.

I hope I was able to give you some insight on the importance of the
right domain name and hosting for your website. Next I’ll talk about
the best Content Management System (CMS) for you website. If you want
to know more about D9 Hosting click here.


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