Statistics say that 90% of all startup businesses will fail and that
10% will fail in the 1st year. Though most statistics say that it’s
because they didn’t read the market right, ran out of money, etc.

Nonetheless I would be willing to bet that when opposition came, they
gave up so easily because of their mindset. Your mindset will either
kept you in business or either make you give up on your business
through all the ups and downs.

What You Believe Matters

What You Believe Matters

First off what do you believe? What you believe is what defines your
life. Your beliefs are ingrained in every part of who and how YOU
live, they can’t be changed easily but instead grow stronger with time
as new experiences confirm or deny them.

If you have a strong enough belief, it will manifest in your life.
Because ultimately every single one represents what we believe about
ourselves-whether that’s good or bad.

The way you see the world is what limits your opportunities for
success. The next time something doesn’t go precisely as planned, take
a step back and ask yourself if it’s worth continuing on this path or
finding one that better suits me?

In order to have a fulfilling life, you need an idea of what success
means. You must first define your beliefs and then determine how those
standards apply in everyday living situations before they can become
reality for yourself as well as others around you all too often.

Confidence is believing in your own ability, while belief refers to
what you believe possible. Confusingly enough though these two
feelings often feel similar which makes it hard for people who don’t
know the difference between them.

You can’t achieve your goals if you don’t believe in them. It’s as
simple and straightforward a rule for success that there is, but it
doesn’t always work out this way because some people set their own
limits on what they think possible or achievable. And those beliefs
slowly crushing any chance at achieving something great becomes their
self-fulfilling prophecy!

The first step towards making changes starts with awareness. Becoming
aware of all these little things holding us back from effecting
positive change must happen before we ever expect anything different
going forward.

Perpetual striving for the impossible is what others do. They don’t
just act, but rather seek information as how to accomplish tasks with
a plan in mind and follow through on their beliefs by investigating
until they find an answer or solution that works best for them.

Your life is only defined by the actions you take! These are largely a
result of what beliefs have shaped your perception, and these in turn
drive how far you’ll go in your own life – or not at all.

You can see this difference in how people approach life. Some want to
set very large goals, while others prefer smaller but still achievable
targets and achievements
that make them feel more successful about their progress on the road
towards success or whatever else they may be striving for at any given

You Are The Choices YOU Make

You Are The Choices YOU Make

When you realize that your environment doesn’t dictate where and how
we end up, it becomes clear to accept the fact belief is just
information translated into a choice.

A person’s life revolves around their thoughts. Whether they’re
positive or negative ones. Believing anything means accepting its
validity without question, even when there are flaws within those very
concepts themselves.

The way you live your life is a choice that. Even sitting around doing
nothing will have some effect on what happens to you in your future!

This is true. You have the power in you to make a change whether that
means doing something or not. You are the master of your own destiny,
and that can be a scary thing to realize. But it’s also an empowering
one because you have complete control over what happens in your life.

The first choice you make in life is what kind of person will be seen
by those around you. Some people never move past this stage, because
they accept their circumstance and blame everything else for it;
growing bitter rather than taking advantage when given an opportunity
to grow.

When you’re stuck in a rut, it can be tempting to give up on yourself
and think that the problem stems from somewhere else. But if you stop
focusing your attention solely outwardly- towards what you think is
wrong but rather than inward toward where opportunity really lies and
that’s choice.

Regardless of what you do, the past is your past and there is nothing
you can do to change that. In like manner you must accept that where
you go from here is in your own hands.

The choice is yours. You can either keep going forward, find solutions
to your problems, stay in one place and never improve and continue to
blame circumstances or others.

Make the choice to go from survivor to builder. Ultimately you will
decide that your high goals must be met at any cost and any kind of
distraction around you don’t dictate who you are or who you become.

Learn To Control Your Fear


Learn To Control Your Fear

The single greatest emotion you must learn to control and conquer is –
FEAR! Fear exists on conscious and subconscious level.

You are surrounded by people who live in a state of constant fear. You
can’t help but notice how few are able to overcome their fears and
face them head on.

The fear of failure has been the leading variable in why people
haven’t gone through with their business ideas. A common factor among
those who do not pursue their startup plans, because starting appears
much more terrifying than actually failing.

Current limiting beliefs about yourself might be holding you back from
starting a business. You’re afraid that if things don’t go as planned
you will be held accountable and will look foolish.

You’re not alone. A fear of failure is why a lot of people haven’t
started their own businesses, as it’s hard to take that first step
without guarantees and comfort in knowing what will happen if things
go wrong.

Three main reasons why most won’t start a business:
1) They Lack Discipline – Unreliable
2) Feel Financially Threatened – Companies Have More Resources
3) Simply Don’t Want The Responsibility

The fear of going into the unknown is what holds many people back.
They sit there, frozen with their thoughts playing over and again in
front of them like a movie unable to do anything about it because
they’re too afraid!

In a world where everything involves making decisions, fear consumes
an unhealthy amount of your time. When you spend too much energy
analyzing the possible outcomes and then choose what might seem like
“the wrong choice” because you’re overthinking it.

Not to mention you just don’t have enough information available. So,
you end up giving yourself many justifications for not taking any
action at all!

In conclusion: When you are aware of the risks that come with taking a
chance, then it becomes easier for your mind to overcome its fear.
Risk is necessary in order to grow both personally and professionally.

By being aware of the thoughts going on in your mind that when an
opportunity arises. at first it might bring fear and doubt. But when
you understand that you are in control of your thoughts and that YOU
can change the way the way you think.

It all starts with what you believe.

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