Clear vision is the key to success. If I were to ask you, “What do you
want your life’s mission statement or motto to be?” would there be an
answer that came immediately and without hesitation?

If you’re wondering what your vision for the future could be, take a
moment to imagine it. Do not think about how unrealistic or difficult
that may sound and instead focus on creating something great!

Put in as much detail as possible so there is no room left for
imagination. When I asked 10 people this question 8 out of them had
nothing to say because they never even thought about their life’s goal
before now!

The reason so many people have not thought about their vision for life
could be because they are too worried with the minutiae of what is
happening right now. They do not realize that it will all lead to
something if we just keep going and maintain a positive outlook on

People often set goals for themselves but lack a clear vision of what
they are doing with their lives. A common problem many people
experience when trying setting up new habits in order establish
consistency in their day-to-day routine is not being able formulate
any sort of personal goal because if they don’t know where they’re
going, how can we get anywhere at all!

The ability to see is both a blessing and a curse. It can provide
solace in the darkest of times, but it also has the power to show you
what could have been an invisible obstacle ahead. If your visions are
strong enough, they become reality; so, don’t give up on them!

Your mind is not limited to only what you see in front of your face.
If you can envision the impossible, anything seems possible.

So many people are shooting blindly in the dark, not knowing what
their goals really are. But if you can see your goal and know where
you’re going before-hand, then it’s easy to get there – just like an
archer who knows exactly which spot he is targeting from far away.

“Without a clear vision it is very easy to get distracted by the
things of this world.” It’s true that without goals and ambition, we
can easily become consumed with worldly temptations.

I know from experience how difficult it is to focus when you have no
idea what your life should look like on paper or in reality. But
wouldn’t you rather make an effort now so that one day there are
people who will be inspired by your story?

You might not be able to see the future, but that doesn’t mean you
can’t have a vision for it. Helen Keller said that “The greatest
tragedies in life are people who have sight but no vision.”

Many of us tend to live our lives without seeing what we could make
them into or accomplish with some effort and hard work. You don’t want
your present self’s limitations to limit your potential future selves;
if anything, find ways around those limits!

Why You Should Have A Clear Vision

A vision is a clear, comprehensive picture of what you want your life
to be like in the future. A good way to do this is by answering these
questions: Why are you doing it? What value does that bring into your
world and others’ lives? How will achieving those goals change things
for people around you every day? What could happen if I don’t complete
my vision on time or at all?

When you’re pushing through the tough times, and you start to doubt
your purpose. Remember that those with no vision will try to stop
people who have a clear sense of where they are going.

But when it’s something bigger than yourself-something worth
sacrificing for–you won’t let anything or anyone get in the way on
this journey toward success!

Life is not perfect, and at times it can be tough to keep grinding.
It’s easy for people who have no vision or understanding of your
passion to criticize you when you are working hard on something that
they do not understand.

The vision you hold of your future is worth fighting for. The battle
will be tough, but it’s a fight that anyone can win if they’re willing
to put in the work and never give up!

No matter how much you feel like your lack of education or a suitable
background is holding you back, it’s never too late to improve. People
around the world have made tremendous progress in their lives when
they’ve been committed and persistent enough with hard work and

It doesn’t take an Ivy League diploma for success; all that matters
are belief in yourself, persistence through obstacles, patience with
setbacks – these things will empower anybody who has them!

Ivy League

If you think that the only way to succeed in life is through being
smart, living in a perfect environment and having everything handed to
you on a silver platter then this article isn’t for you.

There are so many people out there who have nothing going their way
from birth but they still manage to make it work somehow because of
hard work, determination and luck which we all know can take us
further than any talent or intelligence.

Truth be told, life is full of setbacks. But if you want to succeed
and get ahead in this world, then it’s up to YOU—you have the power!
Take these obstacles as they come one at a time and keep on fighting
for what you believe in so that we can live better lives.

There are many challenges floating around us all day every day. And
while some may seem impossible or insurmountable — there really IS
hope because with persistence anything is possible!

The key? Don’t stop trying; don’t give up when things get tough
because your true potential will shine through once everything settles
down again 🙂

Well, in my opinion, the future is an open door. Sometimes it’s a
happy place and sometimes not so much! But we have to get through
those dark moments if you want your life to be worth anything at all.
I’m going with that old saying: “It’ll never happen unless you try!”

What is your vision for your life in the future? Write it down and
make sure that it’s something you really want. See what can happen if
this vision comes to be, but don’t forget about all of those things
which could also occur. Now grind!



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