Many people have the problem of getting started in blogging knowing it
will benefit them. Why? It is called analysis paralysis. And I’m going
to give you unbelievable proven tips that destroy analysis paralysis
and make you highly effective as an blog marketer producing instant

 How To Stop Analysis Paralysis

What Is Analysis Paralysis?

According to Wikipedia analysis paralysis is defined as a person or

group overthinking a situation where they become paralyzed and no
course of action is taken.

We are all analytical creatures to some extent, but some are more
analytical or should I say anal than others. And if you are the type
of person that over analyzes everything you also probably the type of
person who is fearful of making decisions.

Any online entrepreneur will tell you they encounter analysis
paralysis all the time. People will signup into their programs, buy a
course or product and never do anything. Because they start to over
analyze and become paralyzed in indecision.

Symptoms of Analysis Paralysis

Symptoms of Analysis Paralysis

How do you know if you have a problem with analysis paralysis? Here is
a list of symptoms of people who suffer from this condition. Do you
find yourself suffering from any of these?

Symptoms of People Who Struggle With Analysis Paralysis:

Perfectionism: Things have to be just right or else you won’t move forward.
Indecision: You have a problem in making a decision even when all the facts are
Fear of Making a Mistake: You don’t want to make a mistake so out of
fear you don’t do anything.
Paranoia: You don’t look at a situation objectively and your
perception may not be based in reality.
Procrastination: Failure to get started with a task due to
overthinking it.
Overly Cautious: You weight everything so everything in your life
slows down.
Nonassertive: Tendency to be reserved not confident in speech or behavior.

How Are You Spending Your Time?

How Are You Spending Your Time?

You’ll know if you have analysis paralysis if you are spending your
day researching instead of doing. You’re signing up for courses.
You’re buying books (which you don’t read). And you’ve just gotten on
another email list.

Your day is spent reading and analyzing, but no real work is being
done. You’re being busy, but not productive. Busyness doesn’t make you
successful, real action does!

You spend more time reading about blogging than actually being a
blogger. You cant learn blogging through osmosis you can only learn by

Stop buying courses, books and getting on every email list that
promises you success at blogging and just start being a blogger.

Become an blog marketing scientist. Experiment your way to success.
Yes, some of your experiments will fail, but that is part of the

Success in blogging comes by doing (ACTION). There is no other way no
matter what the slimy so-called gurus tell you.

Understand that you can read about and analyze blogging for a year,
but at the end of that year you only have theory. You will have no
real actionable intel because you haven’t done anything.

Here’s how you can get rid of analysis paralysis and keep moving
forward in your life.

 Tips That Can Destroy Analysis Paralysis

Tips That Can Destroy Analysis Paralysis

How can you overcome AP and get on with your life? You must be able to
make decisions quickly and move on. Thus, not being able to make
decisions in a timely manner will keep you stuck in a rut.

Overcoming AP is possible all it takes is a little work. As you rid
yourself of AP you will find that your everyday life will become much
productive and fulfilling.

Things that would take days or weeks will be done in hours or minutes.
You will find a new-found freedom that characterizes your day. Let’s
take a look at how you can stop AP in its tracks.

Eliminate Choices: Sometimes indecision comes from having to many
choices. What is the end goal? Eliminate all other choices and decide
on the one that’s right.
Take Small Steps: You’ve heard the saying, “How do you eat an
elephant? One little piece at a time.” Same goes with a big decision
break it down into smaller steps. This way you can see progress and
stop AP.
Stop Trying To Be Perfect: No one is perfect and neither will all your
decisions be. Just remember that in making a decision quickly it will
help to eliminate AP. Plus most decisions can be changed or altered so
you don’t have to be stuck with the first decision.
Time Limit: Set a time limit for your decisions. A small decision should take
minutes while a big decision could take days or weeks, but a time must
be set for its completion. You must shut the door on it and move on.
Take a Leap of Faith: Make a choice without trying to analyze
everything. Give yourself time to try it out first. Then analyze it
Get a Second Opinion: Run your decision by someone you trust who you
know has no problem making decisions, don’t go to another AP. You are
still in control you’re just looking for a little advice.
Trust Yourself: Trust that you can make a good decision in a short period of time.
Trust your gut your intuition that any decision you make will be a
good one.

habit of taking action

In summing up: Get into the habit of taking action don’t think just do
it. Think later. The moment you start to overthink and analyze you’ll
slow down and possibly stop.

Remember movement is the key. Keep moving by taking action. Get into
the flow of being productive not just being busy.

Put a time limit on your decisions. Make them quickly and change them
slowly. Move forward.

Stop being a perfectionist. Nobody’s perfect. Neither will all your
decisions or actions be that’s life.

Take a leap of faith what do you have to lose. Never fear failure or
making a mistake it’s part of the process on your way to success.

Trust yourself that you are capable of doing something great. That you
have been gifted with extraordinary abilities you must tap into to get
where you are trying to go.

You can stop analysis paralysis in its tracks it doesn’t have to stop
you. It will take a little work, but you are well worth it. Make sure
you check out my recommendations for more help with analysis paralysis
by starting your business today. Don’t wait any longer get into action



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